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The list name length should be less than 32 characters, as per L-Soft's recommendations. Please use only A-Z, 0-9, and the underscore '_' and hyphen '-' characters.
The posting address for the list will be
If the list pertains to a particular institution, the name of that institution should prepend the list's name, e.g.
This is what users will see every time they receive an automatic message about the list. Max length is 80chars.

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A list must have at least two owners, and at least one of these must belong to a HEAnet subscribing institution. Please give both the email address and full name of each list owner.
If a list owner has more than one email address, you may wish to define "quiet" list owners; see the List Owner's manual for more details.
If you would like to define more list owners, you may do so after the list has been set up, by sending an email to

Additional details

Who can subsribe to the list?
Anyone may subscribe to a public list; for other types of list subscribers may only be added by the list owners.
Who can retrieve information about the list?
Determines who may retrieve information about a list, including its members. Private means that only list members may retrieve this information; owners means that only the list's owners can access it.
Because of the increasing incidence of unsolicited commercial email (spam), we strongly recommend against setting Review = Public or Private.
Who can send information to the list?
Once the list is set up, you may wish to appoint moderators or editors; check the List Owner's guide for information on how to do this.
Again, because of the rising incidence of spam, setting Send = Public is not recommended.
Should this list be marked confidential?
Non-confidential lists will be listed on
Who can access the list archives?
Archives will be made available on the web at If your list is Confidential, it will not be listed on the front page; if you choose Private archives, then only list subscribers will have access.