Terms and Conditions

A. Webhosting Terms and Conditions

By agreeing that you accept these terms and conditions you (hereafter “the Client”) are agreeing to enter in to a service agreement for the hosting and support of Web services with HEAnet CLG.

This agreement outlines the various roles of each party: HEAnet in providing technical hosting of the service and the Client in managing the service, maintaining database content and website design. Each party will nominate a contact person for any issues relating to their role in providing and maintaining the service.

For HEAnet:
Network Operations Centre.
HEAnet Ltd., 1st Floor, 5 George’s Dock, IFSC, Dublin 1.
Tel: +353-1-660 90 40
E-mail: noc@heanet.ie

For the Client:
Technical and requester contact as submitted with this form.

The service will be hosted on HEAnet’s National Backbone network providing high-speed access to the national and international education and research community and the general Internet.
The aim of this agreement is to make the Client’s website available to a wider audience and to provide a fast and reliable connection to the Internet.

B. Service to be provided by HEAnet

1. Technical support

The website will be hosted on HEAnet's resilient servers, which feature automatic failover to alternative hardware to provide continuous delivery of web content including any associated database(s) in the event of a hardware failure or connectivity outage.

HEAnet shall provide managed computer facilities to house the servers which will have resilient power supply with at least one feed on uninterruptable power supply (UPS), adequate cooling and physical security of the server.

HEAnet will provide on-going technical support through our Network Operations Centre between 9am- 5:30pm Monday to Friday (excluding Public Holidays). HEAnet will be responsible for maintaining IP connectivity to the servers, including IP addressing, domain name system (forward and reverse mapping), traffic monitoring and security.

2. System administration

HEAnet maintains the server, operating system and related software. We will also monitor and upgrade as appropriate to maintain secure software for the hosting system.

HEAnet will manage the system monitoring and security, including:
  • System monitoring,
  • Testing network response times and server availability,
  • Security monitoring
  • Maintain security software for the system,
  • Checking security logs and system processes,
  • Troubleshooting incidents,
  • Reporting and logging any security issues, scans or intrusions.
HEAnet will also trouble shoot system issues and work on fault resolution. HEAnet will also maintain backups:
  • Maintain backups,
  • Daily incremental backup of database and file system data,
  • Snapshots available,
  • Fault isolation and fault resolution
  • Procedures for data restore/crash recory.

Moodle Hosting (only) This hosting package is specifically designed for small Moodle sites and as such only Moodle software is available under this package. HEAnet will install, maintain and upgrade this software and its dependencies (PHP & MySQL etc.) in line with security updates and with the Ubuntu Linux LTS upgrade path.
The Client is solely responsible for updating the content of the website that uses any/all of these software packages.

3. Management Services

The Client will carry out project planning and manage their site so that software and system version updates are installed as they become available. HEAnet will liaise with the Client and other parties in managing the software as appropriate.

The conditions and frequency of these services will be agreed between the designated contact persons at HEAnet and at the Client (See Section A).

4. Website Design and Maintenance

HEAnet will not be responsible for changes to the web site or its contents.

The Client will be responsible for providing technical support for the web site design and maintenance and any modifications of the information presented on the web pages will be their responsibility. These Technical Support personnel can be provided access will require certain access privileges on the server and they must be nominated by the Client and agreed with HEAnet before access will be provided.

Major changes to the site should also be notified to HEAnet, especially if there is potential for downtime.

C. Duration of Agreement

The agreement will run annually from the set-up date when the Client receives their log in credentials. Either party may terminate the agreement by giving 2 months notice. Either party may ask for a revision of the agreement prior to the agreement date. Unless terminated by either party, the agreement shall automatically renew for a further year at the end of this year.

All equipment, including server hardware, operating systems and software, supplied by HEAnet remains the property of HEAnet. All web page design, content and data provided by the Client remains the property of the Client.

D. Financial Terms

The charge for the first year for web hosting will comprised of a set-up charge and an annual recurring charge of (V.A.T is not applicable to clients eligible for HEAnet services), as applicable for the hosting package selected. This will be reviewed on an annual basis. HEAnet will invoice Client annually in advance.

E. Acceptable Usage Policy and Announcements

1. AUP

All parties agree to the terms of the AUP for HEAnet, which can be found at https://www.heanet.ie/who-we-are/our-policies/acceptable-usage-policy..

2. Announcements

Any major public announcements relating to this service must be agreed by all parties prior to announcement.

F. Scheduled Maintenance

Periodically HEAnet will carry out routine maintenance, repairs, reconfigurations or upgrades and HEAnet reserves the right to make operational changes to the Service. There is a weekly window for scheduled maintenance on central network and allied services between 8:00 to 10:00am on Wednesdays (prior notice of 5 working days will be given to all clients of HEAnet's connectivity service). Web hosting clients will be added to our mailing list to be notified of any outages.

The service is provided on the basis that HEAnet will endeavour to ensure the smooth running and availability of the Service, but HEAnet will not be held responsible financially or otherwise for any error in content or for any malfunction or otherwise resulting in non-delivery of the Service.

The email address you provide for the Technical Contact will be added to our webhosting@listserv.heanet.ie mailing list to receive notification of issues relevant to your website.

By checking the tick box on the Webhosting Application Form you are agreeing to abide by these Terms and Conditions and HEAnet’s Acceptable Usage Policy, and to paying for this website hosting service.